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A Dose of Buckley - Nerd Rants - Series 1 (320kbps MP3)
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A Dose of Buckley Nerd Rants - Series 1 (Episodes 1 - 6 in 320kbps MP3)

Episode 1 - Reimagining the 80s and 90s: Why Your Childhood Is Not Important - 09:41
Episode 2 - Online Gaming: A Window Into Why You Don't Have Any Friends - 09:03
Episode 3 - The Dark Knight: All Wrong For Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy - 09:33 
Episode 4 - Zombies: Fuck Zombies - 09:28
Episode 5 - Online Dating: Not Just For Losers Anymore - 09:20
Episode 6 - Bronies: Grown Men Watching A Cartoon For Little Girls - 09:44

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Bought it, downloaded it in high quality, closed the tab, computer couldn't play the files for some reason, don't know how to get my files in another format... Since I have already paid for these files once, I figure it's fine if I download them again if I don't seed, right? Good.
Buckley can suck my dick. I'm pirating this shit and he's not getting a dime from my pocket. Thank you for this torrent. Let us all do Buckley a favor and have himself starve to death.

Haha, I'm getting these sweet mp3's for free! No fucking cry man, I deserve to watch this.
Already bought this twice. Goddamn Bandcamp not remembering what you've bought and letting you download it again/
I simply do not own any form of card that can buy this kind of thing. Thus, torrents :D
I bought it and then had to format my hard drive. Buckley all ready has my money
There is a new ADOB album 'You Are Not Special'. Please upload it as soon as possible.
can you please upload you're not special?
Can you please upload Nerd Rants Series 2 and You Are Not Special